The fact that I have no one to turn too so I’ve resulted to a venting blog post makes me sick.

You know..for one day I wish we could just spend time together, no one else, no making any other plans for that day either. Just me and you; out, not at home watching something on tv with the volume low, no one tired either to where no one says a word. No looking at our phones or facebook or anything. I miss the ways things were, not hanging out isnt the problem, its the way I feel so singled out and treated. The emotions just don’t even seem to be there. Ive set you so high as an importance on my list of people but its a shame to know I’m not even up there on yours compared to anyone else. I know it, I can feel it, and I see it, It hurts. And whats worse is I doubt you’d ever be upset if you lost me, would you even care? I’m so mentally drained and tired of being hurt and pushed away. I know being around me for some reason now becomes overwhelming due to the constant sadness I express but you know what, Im sorry. Im so damn sorry. Thats not my intentions and thats not what I wanted. I never wanted that. But thats the results of the constant pain occuring whenever you deny me for whatever reason and knowing that you’d rather be with anyone else, but me. But If I have to force myself onto you, just to get the time of day when anyone else can easily pull you to the side; its not fair. If you dont want me, let me go. Cause I cant take this pain of knowing the person who I adore the most, doesnt adore me the same way. I’ve felt that my whole life.

I don’t want to feel that pain anymore and I’m done being a bother.
I want to be wanted, thats all.

"A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her."


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"I need to be alone for certain periods of time or I violate my own rhythm."

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